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DUIAIU is a powerful helper in your beauty life. It is like a magician-full of magic, creativity, and brings more beautiful surprises!

We began as a bold experiment back in 2012, putting everything on the line to invoke revolutionary changes through good makeup tools.

Back then, we lacked an identity but were driven with a higher purpose as our products acted as our only guiding compass in the rough seas of the unknown. It is through this journey that we discovered our iconic identity, one that is tied to the fantastic customer experiences and high product standards we depend on.

Do you ask who we are? We are DUAIU; we Do All For You since we know that our success stems from the happiness of our customers.

DUAIU focuses on helping women get a better beauty experience and make their daily beauty regimens easier and manageable. Providing high-quality makeup solutions has become a way of life for us as we seek to rescue you from a complicated and chaotic makeup life so you can harvest a more beautiful life on your own terms. All this at the most affordable prices!

You can now completely improve your entire appearance without holding back and enjoy quality results for longer with the DUAIU range of products. We passionately and devotedly adapt to the latest beauty trends while remaining attentive to the craftsmanship, material, and style of every brush we produce. Our motives are clear in the sincere brand promise we continually make to you, our lovely esteemed customer; we do it all for you!

Try DUAIU today and feel the difference!