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If you’ve got a large & engaged following, please come & join us here!
Are you a beauty influencer?

Do you want beauty products absolutely for FREE? Are you looking for long term sponsorship?

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Beauty blogger policy

1. Requirements.
You have at least 3,000 followers with one of your social networking accounts.(YouTube Channel,IG,TIKTOK),High engagemwnt is also important.

2. contact us with email,we will send you the products and a discount code for your followers!

3.You should use the products to create your look, take photos or videos and post them on your blog, TikTok,Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. within 7-10 days of receiving the package.

When you publish the photos, outfits and review, please include the link of the product page or the link of home page ( on your post / photos.

4. Please send us an email once you publish your photos and comments.

4. DUAIU reserves the right to collect photos of your post, use the information of your post
We may use and collect the content, photos of your blog or post E.g, we may put it on facebook or use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

That's all! It's easy, right? If you want to join our program, please send email to to continue the process.

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